Sunday, March 30, 2008

Panhandle 1st

The Panhandle Region had their first tournament at Lake Allen Henry yesterday. I think there were ten couples fish. A good turn out for a regions first tournament. Frank and I didn't get to fish this one, but we heard there were some nice fish caught. You can get more information on the tournament here. If the news letter is not posted, be patient and keep checking back. It may take them a couple of days.

Hope to see you at OH Ivie on April 20!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


There are six weeks in between our March tournament and our April tournament! That is a really long time!! With Easter being so early this year it threw the March tournament early. I may go stir crazy before then! Maybe we can go fishing just for fun between now and then. I am so bored!

Monday, March 17, 2008

The End

Well, we tried, but it seems there is not enough interest in C.A.S.T. West. There were only three couples show up so John has decided to not try again until next year.

But the good news is, (no I didn't save a bundle on car insurance) you can still join Texas Bass Couples. This is a great club! We enjoy fishing with them and have made so many friendships that will last forever. Our next tournament will be at OH Ivie on April 20. Click here to see results from our tournament at Lake Leon and to get more information on the next tournament.

I have also noticed a few hits from the Panhandle Region on this blog. If you are interested in fishing with that region, click here. Remember, your membership fee allows you to fish in any region, so if you want to join any of us, come on!

Friday, March 14, 2008

What's Old is New Again

We're going to try a new club, well, old club that's new. We used to fish with C.A.S.T. (Couples Association of Bass Tournaments). It is the club we originally started fishing with. We are still going to fish TBC (because we love them so much) but we decided we would try to fish two circuits.

This may not work out. There may not be enough interest in a West Region for C.A.S.T. and then the region will dissolve. Also, we have to be sure to have time for two tournaments a month and the money to support them. With the price of gas, motels and the entry - whew, the funds could run low.

Our first tournament with C.A.S.T. will be this Sunday at Twin Buttes in San Angelo. Registration will be at the ramp and take off with be at safe light. Since I was a bit out of it last week, I have no idea what time safe light is. I guess I will find out Sunday when Frank tells me to get up and get ready.

The weather should be better than last month and I hope the fish are biting. We'll see. I will let you know how we did when we get back.

Monday, March 10, 2008

This was a Tournament I Would Rather Forget!

This was just one of those days. It actually started Saturday night when we called for our wake up call. I reminded the man to set his clock forward one hour and he quickly informed me that I was wrong. He would set his clock up SUNDAY night just like everyone else. So as a precaution Frank and I set our phone alarms and sure enough. we received our wake up call at 7 AM one hour late. We were actually walking out the door. We had kind of hung around to see if the phone would actually ring.

We didn't get in a real hurry to get to the lake and stopped and had breakfast. It was still dark due to the time change and it had been awhile since Frank had been on the lake and we didn't want to damage the boat.

Once on the water, I was still not feeling very well so I slept most of the morning. Frank struggled to find a place to fish. There was land where there was none and there were no cattails where they used to be. He felt like he was on a lake he had never been on. And he kept trying to make sure I was OK, such a good doctor.

I am not sure what time the wind hit but it was very strong. Poor Frank, it just kills his back when it is like that, but he will not give up. He just kept fishing. I finally started fishing around noon with no luck. Second cast and my rod with the spinner bait was done for the day. I put a knot in the line that was not coming out and we will just have to strip the line and start over. Then I fished with my crank bait. This went ok, I had a few backlashes but nothing I couldn't get out. We were fishing around some docks and it wasn't to long until I casted up over a dock and the lure hung on the railing on the back side of the dock. There was no getting to the little guy and we just had to break the line and leave him hanging there.

By this time we only had about an hour to fish so I threw Frank's spinner bait until he decided he had had enough and we headed in. He did boat a couple of fish and I had one little dink that I could barely feel on the line, but nothing to weigh.

Congratulations to Warren and Liz Hutcherson. They won with around 10 pounds. And I'm sorry, I don't remember who won Ladies Big fish or Big Fish. You can click here to see more snap shots from weigh in. Check out the TBC web site here to get more information from the tournament.

Our next tournament is April 20 at O.H. Ivie. Hope to see you all there.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tournament #2

Boy this month has gone by fast. I just realized that we have a tournament this weekend.

TBC will be fishing at Lake Leon in Eastland. We will be staying Saturday night at the Super 8 Motel (click here for info) and will be having registration in Tommy and Pam's room from 5PM to 6PM. I don't know of many places to eat in Eastland, but if I have anything to do with it, I am sure we will all go somewhere after registration.

Hope to see you at there!

This was way before CPR

Just think how big some of those guys could have gotten!