Monday, May 25, 2009

TBC Lake Hubbard

Oh, Frank and I love Lake Hubbard! We used to always spend our anniversary there. We would always take off work and head over there to spend the day. Until the day Frank fell off the boat and was near hipothermia before we reached Sandy Creek Marina.

Our monthly TBC tournament was there this weekend. It was great. No we didn't win, but there weather was great, we caught lots of fish and just had a great day all together. It was a rough start. Where we started we only caught one fish and we stayed there for the better part of the day. By about one we had four fish in the boat. We had decided that we were just stuck in a rut of catching four fish or less. But then a front hit. We could see it coming. The wind had been at a minimum all day, but on the leading edge of this front the wind really picked up. The water color changed from the normal clowdy brown and turned this really erie bright green. But the fish also started biting! We ended up culling fish! It was great.

So we got out of the four fish rut, yeah us, but we are still stuck in a 12 pound rut! The last few tournaments we have fished, we have weighed in 12+ pounds, but not more than 13! Yep, we had five fish and they weighed 12.97! Oh, these ruts! Well, we will get out of it eventually, I just hope it is by breaking the 13 pound weight and not by coming in under 12!

We topped off the afternoon by taking Buddy, Katie and Mattie May on a quick run of the lake. Mattie May is now 3 and we have been trying to get her on the boat since she was born but every time the weather would turn bad and we didn't want her to have a bad experience on her first time and not want to go back out. Well it took awhile but we managed. I have attached a little video. It is pretty rough but I was sitting in the floor with my back against the front deck, holding the camera and nothing for me to hold on to. Enjoy your ride!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Two Favorite Guys

My dad, Poppa, loves to fish and hunt. He spoiled me when I was little by taking me to catfish farms to fish. Once you go to one of those, it is really hard to sit at a lake and wait for a fish to bite! He has been wanting to go over to O.H. Ivie and fish. So last Friday, Frank took off a day that was owed to him and took him fishing.

They had a great time. The morning was beautiful. I called Frank at about 11:30 and the wind had just picked up, but wasn't to bad. And as hot as it was, they needed a little bit of wind to keep from melting. They said they caught fish all day. Luckily, I got my photography bug from Poppa! He had his camera. Not sure how many fish they caught, but here are pictures of three of them. The only one they weighed (on de-liers) was Poppa's and it was 8.08. Nice catch.

I just realized the date on my dad's camera is wrong! These were taken 05/08/09! I guess I better give him a call!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lake Ft. Phantom

Yes, you read that correctly, we fished a tournament at Lake Ft. Phantom. TBC Panhandle Region. I don't remember ever being on this lake, but Mom says I have years ago. I sure don't remember that. And we know Frank hadn't been on it in at least twelve years. And it is only about 20 minutes from our house! There is just something about that lake.

We didn't pre-fish, we just headed out and fished a few places Frank remembered fishing all those years ago and it was a pretty good day. We weighed four fish that went twelve something (I can never remember), and we caught fish all day. We had bass, catfish, crappie, hybrids, and perch! Quite a variety!

The weather was not great, windy and cloudy all day. The water was muddy of course. That is all it ever is, red muddy water.

We felt like it was a pretty good day for the conditions and not having been on the lake in so long. Maybe we will take time to fish it more often - maybe!