Monday, September 28, 2009

$13,555 Total Winnings!!!!

No, that's not what Frank and I did! But that was the total payout for the Texas Bass Couples Championship that we have been attending this week. This is an amazing total for our club for several reasons. This is the forth year for this circuit. Tommy and Pam have really worked hard to get this club up and running. There are tournament trails that have been around for years that that are still not having that large of a payout.

Also, this is a small circuit. We only had 37 couples fish for the championship! That's right!!! 37 couples! Seven places were paid out so you do the math! That is an awesome amount for total payout!

Congratulations to Tim Reneau and Judy Churchill who won it all with 42.60 two day total!

We have lots of stories to tell and more winners to tell you about but right now we are all sitting in the little country store sharing more stories and eating some breakfast. And I am using Tommy's laptop and I am really slow on it. Frank bothering me to hurry up is not helping. Hopefully I will get the rest to you tonight. Until then,

God Bless you all.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

We have some results (unofficial, of course) for day one!

Tim Reneau & Judy Churchill 21.40
Charles & JoAnn Bradley 17.58
Ronnie & Jeanne Wallace 14.84
Jay & Kathy Driscoll 14.08
Barry & Janice Bennett 12.72
Waylon & Karla Bullard 12.70
Floyd & Tonya Kaerwer 12.56

Also, Meghan O'Bryant and her dad Jerry are sitting in 8th place. This is very exciting because she is twelve years old and caught 3 of their 5 fish that were brought to weigh in! Way to go Meghan!

Frank & I did officially have the smallest legal stringer today which makes us winners of some hard cold cash! Yeah us!

We plan on having a great day on the water tomorrow, and are so thankful we have been blessed with such great friends!

I will post official results tomorrow as soon as I can.

What a day! Blessings and disappointment. Started the morning with some awesome artwork provided by God, but got lost on the lake in the dark! Finished the day with a disappointing one fish, but was blessed by having the smallest leagal stringer! Now enjoying fellowship with wonderful friends! Yeah! The good always outweighs the bad!

Thank you Lord!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Countdown Almost Complete!

WOW! Looking at my countdown clock we are down to the final hours before we get there! I am sooo ready! We will leave here tomorrow morning traveling with the McGuire's and the Hutchinson's. We are all ready!

All the packing is done and sitting by the front door waiting for Frank to get it all loaded. He asked me if I had forgotten anything and I don't think I did. I have nothing left in drawers or the closet so I'm pretty sure it's all packed! LOL

It is really hard to pack this time of year because you never really know what the weather will be. Yes we look at the long term forecast but all that gives you is an educated guess. I like to be prepared!

Actually, I didn't pack everything we have. Earlier this summer, we found the neatest shirts at Bass Pro and got them planning to wear them to the awards dinner on Friday night. We loved the Texas flag look they have.

Even on the back.

Pretty aren't they? Frank and I both really liked them. So we got them to the cleaners to be starched and pressed, picked them up and put them in the closet. This has been several months ago. They have just been hanging there, waiting.

Well, I got everything out to start pressing and getting the closet wrinkles out and realized that the shirts didn't match. I was heart broken! So these two shirts will hang around the house alone all week while we are gone. I really can't believe neither one of us didn't notice the difference. It's not like it's a little thing that could be easily overlooked. Can you see the difference?

Yep! It's missing on the back too!
See you next week!
God Bless

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We Interupt this Fishing Blog...

For some hunting!!!

September brings bird season and they are thick this year. We got to go back to the Duda for part of the long Labor Day weekend for some fun, family, fellowship, and hunting. It was a blast!

I didn't hunt, just the guys. I am a firm believer that if your going to shoot it you better eat it and I don't eat birds. So I don't hunt. They limited every day and had a great feast on Sunday night.

The Three Amigos

I just love that place and wish we could spend much more time there.

I hope everyone that has been hunting has been doing well.

The "Camo Country Club"

Be safe but have fun!

Now back to our regularly scheduled fishing - State Championship in 14 days! Watch out Del Rio!!!