Sunday, February 24, 2008

2008 Bassmaster Classic

Three hard days of fishing on a lake that was extremely low due to drought but Alton Jones comes out on top. Congratulations and you can read the entire story here and click here to see the ESPN Photo Gallery.

How cool would that win be. Do you dream about winning the Classic like some people dream about winning the Super Bowl? Leave me a comment and let me know.

My dream is that Mattie May will win it some day sponsored by Team Grumpy!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Texas Bass Couples Welcome Panhandle

I just read an email from Tommy announcing a new region for Texas Bass Couples - The Panhandle Region. I thought I would show their schedule for anyone interested.

March 29,2008 Lake Alan Henry
April 26,2008 Lake Alan Henry
May 31.2008 Lake Alan Henry
June 28,2008 Lake Alan Henry
July 26,2008 Lake Stamford
August 30,2008 Lake Greenbelt

Welcome Kevin and Ginny Phillips as the directors. We are so excited that TBC is growing so fast. Anyone interested in any of the regions can click here for the TBC main web page. If the information you need is not there, leave me a comment and I will get you in contact with the right people.

Hope to see you at the lake.

Monday, February 11, 2008

#1 Is In The Books

Well, the first tournament of 2008 has come and gone. It wasn't to bad. The morning started off cold and clear. The sunrise was just beautiful. Frank actually stopped for a minute to look. I am still not sure if he was actually watching the sunrise or was gripping at me for taking more pictures. I tend to block him out when he gripes about that.

Anyway, we didn't get in any hurry to get out on the lake and got out there about 7:15AM. The lake was extremely smooth so we got to enjoy a great fast run which is something rare in West Texas.

We started fishing crank baits up in a small cove a bit north and west of the damn, and continued for about two hours. Deep diving crank baits - man is my arm sore this morning.

We continued to throw crank baits over by the damn. While we were there, the strangest front came through. We could see the clouds but the weather didn't change until the clouds past over. Then the wind picked up on the back side of the clouds. Weirdest thing I remember. But they were our typical winds, strong (about 20 mp) and cold. I don't know how Frank stays up on the front of that boat! But I am glad he does. He had on way to many clothes yesterday for me to fish him out of the lake.

It was at the point I took out my blanket and took a nap. My laryngitis had just about disappeared and I wasn't sure what the wind was going to do to my throat. (Yeah, I know I always take a nap, but this is a real good excuse.)

After about an hour in the wind, Frank decided to take us up a creek. It was nice up there. Lots of boats but out of the wind. He flipped a worm and I chunked my spinner. I hate flipping! We fished in the creek for awhile and nothing, so he moved us out to this point just around from the ramp. I had never fished this lake so, I had no idea where we were. He just knew there had to be fish there. We threw all sorts of stuff at this hump and nothing. About 2:30 we got out the Carolina rigs. Why we had not done this sooner is a mystery to both of us but, oh well, live and learn. On about the second cast, I had turned to say something to Frank, and I had this odd little tug at the end of my line. We had been in grass and rocks all day but this just felt different. I had a nice little two pounder that just loved the look of that power worm I was throwing.

Frank switched baits real quick and about 20 minutes later I had another nice little tug, but I just couldn't get the hook set. I am sure it was not a huge fish, but it would have been nice to have had twins in the live well, but we will never know.

We are just so thankful that we had the one fish to weigh. She didn't get us in the money, but she did get us some points. And I got to sit at the top of the Ladies Big Bass for about two minutes! That's always nice.

All in all it was a great weekend. Great fellowship on Saturday night along with great food. We had 30 couples fish and we are expecting more next month. This club is really growing. It is always nice to meet new friends.

Our next tournament will be in March at Lake Leon in Eastland. It is not too late to join. You can click here for more information on the West Region and for links to the Central and South Regions. We always enjoy having new members sign up.

God Bless You.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Come Join The Fun!

Pam and I thought this weekend would never get here. Sunday is Texas Bass Couples West Region's first tournament for 2008. We will be fishing at Twin Buttes in San Angelo. Registration will be Saturday evening at Field and Stream Sporting Goods (thank you Cliff and Sarah) from 4 to 5. Then we plan on all going to eat somewhere before we hit the motel room to start re-stinging and re-tying (no we can't do that earlier, it would break tradition).

If you can't make it to registration Saturday, Tommy and Pam will be at the ramp at 6AM to take registration. We will start fishing at 7AM. According to the weatherman, it will be about 42 degrees when we start fishing and will warm up to about 63. So it should be a good day for fishing.

Frank has been over there twice and has not found fish. So, if you know where they are, please leave me a comment!

I am looking forward to visiting with friends I have not seen since September and meeting new ones that join us this weekend. If you have not fished with us before and you need more information than what I have posted here, please go to the TBC website for more information.

God Bless.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart

Today is our wedding anniversary. Click here to read all about it.