Friday, April 23, 2010

"Hold on Just a Sec While I Take My Fish off the Line!"

It's Friday, a beautiful day after a night of thunderstorms and tornado all around the state. The wind is just blowing very lightly. The sun is shining. What a beautiful day and I am stuck in the office!

My dad, on the other hand, is at the lake! I talked to him at lunch and what does he say to me? You guessed it "Hold on! I caught a fish and have to take it off!"

(Heavy sigh) One of these days I will be retired and can head out to fish whenever I want.

I guess you are wondering where I have been. I've been here. Our tournament season started back in March. I was bad. At our West Region tournament, I didn't take any pictures. I was upset because the weather didn't cooperate and I didn't get to fish as much as I wanted. I had not been released from the doctor from the wreck and he gave me very specific directions on what I needed to do to keep from re-injuring myself. We did catch fish and got some points, it would just have been nice to fish when I wanted and not when I could.

Our first Northwest Region tournament was also in March. Due to extremely high winds, I didn't even leave the house. Frank fished by himself, so again no pictures. I think he had one fish, I just don't remember. I'm loosing my mind like that you know.

This past weekend, we had our second West Region tournament at Lake Hubbard just outside of Breckenridge. I will say, even though the conditions left a LOT to be desired, I was in the boat all day. Cold and rainy weather with more extremely high winds. Most normal people, meaning non-fishermen, would have used their common sense and stayed home. Not us, we were out there fighting for fish. Frank eventually made me sit down and rest. I wasn't catching any fish and I was getting real sore real fast. He would have probably done better if I had not been there. He always worries about me instead of fishing. We had three fish that went 5. o7, I think. Remember, I'm loosing my mind. I did take some pictures, most of them you can see if you click the Texas Bass Couples logo in my right side bar.

Tomorrow, we will be fishing at Oak Creek with the Northwest Region. I hope this weather holds out. It will be a long day because we are not staying the night. We will get up and make the drive in the morning. Maybe Frank will let me sleep on the way (LOL).

I hope you get to get out and fish this weekend. Let us know how you do!