Tuesday, August 25, 2009

WHOA! I am Way Behind!

I just realized I never finished my post from our final TBC Panhandle tournament that was August 9! Probably because there wasn't much to report. Seven couples, fourteen people and only four fish weighed in! It was terribly brutal! Hot, windy, and muddy water that would put Lake Ft. Phantom to shame. The four fish weighed in didn't even break ten pounds! I'm telling you it was awful! Floyd and Tonya Karwer won with two fish weighing 4.83. Robert Rains and LeAnn Rains had one fish weighing in at 2.74 and Frank and I had one fish that went 2.26! Floyd & Tonya also had the big fish of the tournament that was a whopper at 2.85! So do you believe me now?

We really were looking forward to fishing this tournament because Frank had fished there the weekend before with Stillwater. He didn't weigh a single fish in, didn't even have a nibble! But after the tournament, he did a little more fishing and snagged a nice 9+ pound fish!

He was by himself and only had his cell phone so he did the best he could.

So, yes, we were a bit excited to be going back the very next weekend knowing we were fishing with one of our smaller clubs! But that didn't do us much good! It was a totally different lake the next week!

So now we just wait for our next tournament which is not until September. But it is the big one, our Championship tournament. We are looking forward to seeing some couples that we haven't seen since last year and having a great time in Del Rio. Just 29 days to go! That's about 28 to many for me!

And speaking of Del Rio, check out the link in my side bar for the Open Texas State Couples Championship! I am sure we will be there and are planning on having a lot of fun. You don't have to be a member of either of the club sponsors. So grab you partner and head that way in early November! Hope to see you there!