Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yes, I Know I'm Late!

I'm am sorry I do not have my fishing report up yet. As many of you that fish with me know, I have been sick. As soon as I am able to sit at the computer for more than two minutes without having a sinking spell, I will get it posted and pictures too. I promise!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mattie May Makes the News!

Well for those of you that don't live in tour viewing area or just could not stay awake last night, Mattie May made it on the sports of KTAB news! If you would like to watch it, click here then click on the "Watch" button under catch of the day. Thank you David Robinett and yeah May May!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Not Picture Worthy (for Us Anyway!).

Frank and I have talked at length about joining Stillwaters Bass Club, and today we made the commitment. What a great faith based organization this is. We knew many of the members already through work, clubs and years of friendships. They are very family oriented, but very competitive. And the tournaments are held on Saturdays! That is a bonus for us.

The tournament was held at O.H. Ivie, our third tournament there in three weeks. It was extremely strange weather for May. We woke up to forty three degree temperatures and 20 to 25 mph winds! What a shock to the system. We decided to fish the same area we had fished in the two prior tournaments. It was not as good to us this weekend as it was previously, due in most part to the wind. That was the reason for no pictures (see this post). The area has not changed much in the past three weeks, but no snakes this time!

This time, Frank and I were actually fishing against each other which is rather hard to do. Really the only thing we do differently is keep his and her fish in separate live wells. His live well carried two fish for the majority of the day. Mine carried...nothing. I could not catch a measurable fish to save my life. Frank said it was because of the wind and the trouble he was having with the boat. I say it is because he is the better fisherman!

Needless to say, we walked away from this tournament a little lighter in the pocketbook and a bit more beat up from the wind. We did both manage to not get sunburned and I managed to stay on my feet in the boat (again, see this post!).

It was a picture day for many of the fishermen today. Be sure to check out the Stillwaters web page to check out the club and see the big fish of the tournament. It was a doozy!

Everyone at Stillwaters, thank you for making us feel so welcome and we look forward to many years of fishing with you.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for allowing us the time to spend together doing something we love and for everyone in this great club that we have joined. Thank you for keeping everyone safe today and for the cooler weather. Thank you for all in your wonderful creation and the fabulous things you have given us.
In Jesus name,