Monday, October 13, 2008

I may Loose my Spot on the Boat!

Frank went fishing this weekend to a two day tournament in San Angelo. It was a three fish stringer per day tournament.

Saturday night, Frank was in forth place. He had fished Twin Buttes most of the day, but when the wind picked up he moved over to Lake Nasworthy. He didn't have a single hit! So Sunday he fished all day at Twin Buttes and fought the wind. He felt that was better than not catching any fish!

He had a very decent stringer and won 2ND!! Yeah Frank!

Our friend Craig won first. He had a 9+ pounder on Saturday, so Frank was really surprised they were so close. Craig's total was 15.61; Frank's was 15.25!! So even though I have no pictures, I have two really nice checks and know he had good fish!

Everyone we talk to looks at me and says "Frank should go without you more often!" Yeah, he probably should, but I hope he doesn't!!!