Monday, June 21, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Wow, from the looks of this poor little fishing blog, it seems I haven't been fishing. But I have, that's just it, fishing, not catching!

Instead of making excuses and trying to back track all we have done in the past months since I have posted on this blog, I'm just going to start fresh and with what we did yesterday.

We had our fourth tournament for the year with TBC at Twin Buttes in San Angelo. We started at 6AM to finish by 2PM, trying to beat some of the heat. Even though Frank and I just came back from our week long vacation with Mattie May down on the Gulf, we were ready to head out. It was not the most productive day we have had on the water, but fun none the less.

We started the morning throwing buzz baits, Frank lost two fish, I caught one that was one inch short! We moved back to the area we like out in front of the ramp and started with drop-shot. This has not been one of my favorites because of the spin cast reels. But my sweetie Frank bought me a new rod and reel with a reel I can crank with my right hand. This makes all the difference in the world.

Not long after Frank's second cast I felt him set the hook. When I looked at him, I didn't even have to ask if he needed the net. If that rod had bent any further, it would have broken! Great fish! 7.07 lbs! Not a hog, but the best he/we have had in a while.

We never could come across any more fish but we were feeling pretty good about big fish until the Wallace's came to weigh in. He had a 7.16 and knocked Frank out. Oh well!

This Saturday we will be fishing TBC Northwest at Lake Ft. Phantom right here at home. So not only do I get to sleep in my own bed, I don't have to get up quite so early! Wish us luck. We had some really good rain while we were gone last week and they have been scalping water off the Brazos, so the lake is really full! Hope you come out and join us.

Have a great week and Go Fish!