Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sweetwater Lake Texas Bass Couples West 05/22/11

While his girls ran around San Antonio, Frank spent the weekend alone so he could fish our TBC tournament on Sunday.

I don't have a great report and of course absolutely no pictures, but he seems to have done well. I know it was hot and his nose got more sun than it would if I had been there to keep sunscreen on it, and he says the wind blew, but not to bad.

He caught fish all day but could not find more than five fish that was not in the slot. He had two fish over 18" and three under 14", but he was busy all day catching fish in the middle. He had one fish that weighed more than six pounds but was short and stocky. As a matter a fact, another fisherman that was nearby brought his board over to measure it just to make sure. He saw Frank fixing to put it back in the water and couldn't believe it was too short.

But that's just how our fishing goes. He ended up with five fish weighing 12.8. And that moved us into the top six. Yay, Frank!

Our next TBC tournament is close to home at Lake Ft. Phantom and there is no karate tournament that conflicts with it. Thank goodness. I've missed my allowable two tournaments so I have to show up next time! Now championship weekend, that's a different story! We'll figure something out!

Until next time, God Bless!