Sunday, June 29, 2008

Miller's Creek 06.28.08

Stillwater's tournament was yesterday, Saturday June 28. I had never been there before. We had a pretty good day and lots of fun.

The tournament started at 6AM, and the lake is about 2 hours away, so the alarm went off at 3:15AM! Sorry, I thought there was only one 3o'clock and that it was only in the afternoon! Frank was nice and let me sleep on the way.
We were greeted at the lake by swarms of mosquito's. I must say I put mosquitoes right there with gnats - Why God, why? I am sure there is a reason, just like everything else, I just don't know what it is!
It really was a nice morning, not much wind and a great ride on the water. This is where we started -
Yeah I know, it was still kind of dark! But there are birds in those trees, their white. This is where we spent most of our day. We both caught fish here and it was out of the wind (the weather men still can't predict wind -it blew!).
Our friend's Craig and Mae fished in this area too. This is Craig -

Oh, I'm sure, he is telling some fishing story. He and Mae were both fishing out of tubes! They have a perfectly good boat, and they fish out of tubes! They are CRAZY!!!!! I know, lots of people fish out of tubes. This is why I don't fish from a tube...
Yes, that is a huge snake! Right on a branch hanging in the lake. And this picture...

Is of the same branch about two seconds later! That huge snake went right into the water. That is why I don't fish from a tube! I don't like snakes at all! I like them less than I do gnats or mosquito's!

We spend a lot of time outside, on the lake. We love to fish. And I take a lot of pictures, usually of Mattie May (my favorite subject) or of fish. But two things I am not is a professional photographer or a birder. I know there are several of you out there that do both of these things very well. That brings me to my next series of pictures. We saw several of these birds on Saturday. We would like to know what they are. Two things I can tell you about them that you can't tell from the pictures is that they are loud and annoying! They have one of the loudest calls I have ever heard. And they annoyingly do it over and over, weather they are in the air, the water, or on land.

So if anyone out there can help, Frank and I would really appreciate it.
So, we flipped all day. And most of you know how much I hate flipping, but I did it all day without complaining. I did have to remind Frank why I don't like it, my rod always ends up in the trees, and remember that snake? Yeah, I don't like flipping.
Frank had three fish for a total of 12.54 and I had one fish for 3.54. He caught fish all day, and even culled. We just couldn't ever come across that kicker fish we are always looking for. That is the story of our fishing lives!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I am back and alive. After a month of illness, throwing my back out the Monday before vacation then being on vacation, I am up, moving, and fishing. Well I am not back to 100% but I am getting there. Sunday was very hot and extremely windy. The wind did not help my back any but here are pics from our tournament on Father's day.

Does this picture look familiar?
SALT CEDARS! No we didn't fish OH Ivie again, this is Hubbard Lake. What we were really fishing was grass, lots of grass, all around these salt cedars. We threw spinner baits, rattle traps, frogs, and worms. But we just couldn't get any decent fish to take the bait. We had two fish that weighed just over three pounds, definitely nothing to brag about.

Because my back is still not back to normal, this is what I saw most of the day.

You don't recognized this? It is looking through the top of my hat that I kept over my face while I laid in the back of the boat with my feet up in my chair. It was the only way I could get any relief.

Without the hat, this is what we saw.
Isn't that a beautiful blue sky? That really is the sky, clear and sunny all day. There were no clouds at all. Oops,
there's one,

and a few more. These were late in the day and obviously gave no break from the sun and heat.

So not a great day on the lake, but, as usual, we had fun!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I do still live, Just on vacation!

We are in vacation this weekend. Pop over to Lolo's Blog and check out our adventures!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Where is Brandi

Please see this post as to what is going on and why I have not posted here for awhile!