Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OH Ivie Bassin' Bunch Special Olympics Open 03.26.11

What a beautiful day. But man, did it ever start early! We usually fish this tournament but we had not planned to this year. We were not able to fine a room and with the price of gas (diesel) it just didn't make sense to drive there and back on Saturday and then do it again on Sunday for TBC. Luckily, Michelle was called that there was a cancellation at Concho Park and they invited us to stay with them on Saturday night. Yeah! It was cool Saturday morning when we headed out but bearable. We Got to the lake in time to meat up with Russell and Michelle and have some coffee and breakfast before hitting the lake.
We fished a lot of places we haven't fished in a while, holding our regular places for Sunday's tournament. We flipped worm's in the hardwood most of the day, but I did find time to throw my spinner bait.

Frank's biggest fish weighed almost 3 pounds and was just over the 18" minimum. He caught in in less than a foot of water! We were fishing very shallow and most of the time fishing muddy water because the trolling motor was kicking up a lot of mud. With two smaller fish hitting the 14" slot, he had a total of 5.94. Nice little stringer but certainly not anywhere close to putting him in any money.

I had two fish that barely met the 14" minimum with a total weight of 3.17.

It was a beautiful day, warm and a bit of wind. And we would be wishing for that nine pounds of fish on Sunday.

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